Moon Juice Adaptogens Mushrooms

Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon created Moon Juice for “people interested in a new way of living.” The business promotes intelligent self-care that combines plants, science, and wisdom into one.

Adaptogens Mushrooms-for any ailment 

So what are adaptogens? Adaptogens are superherbs and supermushrooms that can expand your body’s capacity to handle mental, physical, and emotional stress. They are incredibly simple to use- just add one or two of them to recipes (or water, if you can handle their strong taste) and consume! Try a few and choose one the one that supports how you feel that day; don’t just take the same one every day. It is essential to mix up which adaptogens you use and are best used when you are currently under a lot of short-term stress.


Moon Juice’s #1 best selling product, with a rating of 5 stars from over 850 people,  SuperYou, blends four potent adaptogenic herbs to help your body regulate cortisol and improve your energy, mood, and mental focus. It costs $49 for a one time purchase, or you can subscribe and save 105 by purchasing them routinely. However, Moon Juice offers over 20 different supplements and adaptogens mushrooms.

Another popular Moon Juice product is SuperHair, which contains a variety of adaptogens mushrooms for healthier, thicker, stronger hair. SuperHair is also vegan, non-GMO, and gluten, soy, dairy, corn, and sugar-free. 


Moon Juice offers a variety of adaptogenic milks like Cosmic Gold, Cosmic Cocoa, Cosmic Matcha, and Beauty Dust. They support collagen synthesis and promote hydration and skin suppleness.


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All of Moon Juice’s products are incredibly healthy and promote the best living you could want. If you are struggling with stress or just want a healthy supplement to add to your self-care routine, consider Moon Juice. I love all moon juice products that I have tried!

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