Smoothie Delivery Subscription to Your Door

Kencko is an organic, smoothie delivery company. The smoothies have no added sugar and provide essential vitamins and fiber to your daily diet.

Getting started is easy. First, choose your smoothie delivery plan. You can choose from 20 smoothies or 60 smoothies. If you are not ready to commit to that many, you can try a sample pack of seven smoothies. Then, choose your frequency to arrive every two weeks or four weeks. You can cancel at any time. The first order you place will come with a free shaker bottle to make your smoothies in each day.

Ready to try Smoothie Delivery?

Once your smoothies delivery arrives, choose your base to add to each mix. Most people seem to want water or milk. Add the powder and your base to the bottle provided and shake! In each smoothie, you get two servings of fruits and vegetables.

In addition to your smoothie subscription, you get custom nutrition advice from Kencko’s designated dietitians. You can connect with the dietitian through call, text, or email. Your choice!


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Currently, there are twelve different smoothies to choose from. My favorite part about the selection is that you can choose the smoothie based on your needs or how you want to feel. Kencko believes that food is our medicine. Here are the different options of food healing factors you can choose from: Repair, Endurance, Performance, Brain Boost, Recovery, Energy Surge, Mental Focus, Anti-Inflammatory, Skin Health, Balance, Invigoration, and Immune Support.

Kencko smoothie delivery focuses on sourcing fresh, great-tasting, and organic fruit and vegetables directly from the farm. The smoothies are then flash-frozen, which keeps vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, and protein all intact. Essentially all the things that make smoothies healthy! After the fresh fruit and veggies are flash-frozen, they are then slow-dried to remove water content. This process allows the taste and color to stay true. The drying process is also what creates a shelf-stable powder.

Once the powder is ready for the smoothies, the flavors are mixed in small batches according to their benefits and taste factors.

The smoothies are all packaged in single-serving packets. Don’t worry, though, all packaging is fully compostable. The packaging is beautiful and even more critical – the verified reviews on their site sell the product. I’ve seen through Instagram, that some customers mix their smoothie blend into yogurt, overnight oats, or even chia seed pudding to change up the texture.

Kencko is a smoothie delivery subscription we love to keep in our rotation.

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